Our Vision

To impart the knowledge and love of God the Father into the person, family, people, churches, organizations and  community.

  1. How we relate to God forms the foundation of our christian walk.
  2. We need to replace the wrong image of God with the true and biblical image of who he is.
  3. So we can see ourselves as children of God. Restoration of families, Produce strong churches, Build strong communities and countries.
  4. We as need to reflect the Image of God through the world.

Individual and corporate prayer for the reversal of fatherlessness in America and the world.

Why we do it

See God as our father

Healing , deliverance

Negative Strongholds of the mind broken

Areas of darkness revealed

We ask the question  Why?

Have you ever asked yourself why I do what I do ?

Why can’t I be free and live a victorious life?

Why I have so little joy as a christian?

Why can’t I break free of this particle sin/ bondage?

We believe this workshop can help you answer these question.

For further information or to book a teaching or workshop;


email fathersministries52@gmail.com

Phone 406-471-0766