Larry’s Life Story

I come from an Italian family and grew up in Minnesota. We were all catholics, I served as an altar boy for a few years. My dad was a good man but worked all the time; we never had a lot of time together. I was closer to my friends than my family. In my late teens to early twenties I began to feel there was something missing in my life. Emptiness inside. I had already left the catholic church and put God to the side. I began to drink a lot around the age of 13. Later on I began using  drugs and  immorality soon followed.  I just wanted to have fun. I was expelled from High school when I was a junior, but finished my senior year in another school. My drinking and drug use became worse. I would suffer blackout at times, not remembering anything, but I could care less; I would just laugh it off.  

Life was boring and empty to me. So I began to get into trouble; mostly wanting some kind of adventure. I felt I had no purpose. Why were we even here?  It was harder and harder to concentrate at work. All I wanted to do was have fun, which meant using drugs, booze and the ladies were always fun to have around. Then God interrupted my life in a most unusual way. Along with a friend of mine I bought a parlay ticket; betting on the Super Bowl and we won $2,000 each. I felt rich so I quit my job and flew to Hawaii. I wanted a new life. Though the life I found was nothing I was looking for, it was better. On Easter Sunday night I accepted Jesus into my life. In my mind’s eye I saw them nailing Jesus to the cross and I heard a small voice say to me “I did this for you.” I raised my eyes and asked Jesus into my life. I was not only saved that night, but I felt I had a purpose: to follow Jesus wherever He would lead and to help others come to know Christ.

The next day I threw out my remaining pot , cigarettes and I quit drinking. A few years later as I was serving in a missions organization (YWAM) I had another revelation. This time it was about God as my Father. I was with  a  small group of men , when the issue of seeing God as a Father came up. They asked if anybody wanted  prayer  to come up. I was scared and shaking and had no intention of going up.  I finally went up front and sat in a chair. By now I was crying. I didn’t know why and I couldn’t stop.  The speaker  received a picture he said was from God. He saw a large tree and a large branch. I am in the tree but afraid to go on the large branch, because if it breaks no one would  catch me. I began to wail. I was afraid that if I would fall no one would catch me, not even God. I heard a voice in my head say “I will never let you  hit the ground, I will catch you.”  Now, I was really wailing. That is how I saw God; distant and not really involved in my life.  

However, that is not how God is. I had a revelation that day about the Love Of God as a Father.  Many of our struggles come from deep hurts in our lives, rejection, abandonment, low self worth, thinking nobody cares, etc. The reason you keep falling down is because these deep hurts keep pulling you down. God can set you free and heal your pain. The shame can be taken away with the dignity of adoption

“…We cry Abba Father… The path of the Broken  Warriors restores men back to their Heavenly Father.” 
Romans 8:15- 17


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